Tran & Associates was founded by patent attorney Bao Tran on his belief that technology can play an important role in improving the quality while decreasing the cost of patent services. Bao has over fifteen years of patent experience with emphasis on patent prosecution and counseling, patent strategy and analysis, development and management of patent portfolios, patent opinions, due diligence investigations in connection with investments, mergers and acquisitions. He has worked with numerous early stage companies and large companies and helped them developed their IP portfolio.

At Tran & Associates, we dedicate our best resources and service toward meeting the goals and business objectives of every client. Our expertise is widely recognized, and we work closely with domestic and international clients and law firms worldwide, with the aim of bringing prompt and practical advice for your intellectual property.

Here are a few comments from clients that we have served:

"Bao is an excellent patent attorney. I think his level of work is better that that of the big name law firms and his success rate of getting filed patents through easily surpasses the big firms. I will hire him again."Bennett Dubin, Managing Partner at Asset Management

"I've found Bao to be a professional, high-energy patent attorney who excels at getting patent applications approved and issued by the PTO. He has a great rapport with examiners, which helps him quickly determine which claims will be allowed without time-consuming, back-and-forth arguments with the PTO." Richard Simoni, Partner, Asset Management

"Mr. Tran has done excellent work in help Shutterfly obtaining the issuance of more than 10 US patents. Mr. Tran is brilliant and very resourceful in a wide range of patent areas: patent prosecution, patent due diligence and risk management, and patent negotiations." Dr. Xin Wen, Director of Process Engineering and Intellectual Property - Shutterfly, Inc.

"Bao has helped me with patents and IP protection through two semiconductor startup companies; Airify Inc. and Tier Logic Inc. We have filed over seventy patents in the US, of which over forty are issued. I find Bao to be warm, generous, competent, dedicated and timely in his interactions and the work he performs. I am equally impressed with his innovative bent of mind that has led to creative patent automation software. I value and greatly appreciate his contribution to our company, and plan to continue his services moving forward." Raminda Madurawe, Founder, President & CEO of Tier Logic Inc.

"Bao Tran is a very unique individual. His ability to prepare IP applications based on complex physical properties is unmatched. I have developed several applications with Bao and his understanding of complex thermodynamic properties and his ability to delineate these technologies into clear patent submissions is without match."

"Bao Tran is diligent, and is an intricate part of engineering team. I rely on Bao as my first source for direction and guidance in technology development. There has been several weekends where Bao and I are exchanging materials back and forth to get the best possible application that not only adds to the current technological portfolio but has the forward thinking details that allow for growth and protection.
Bao is relied on by our corporate executives for direct, succinct commentary and direction in dealing with our IP protection, technology envasion and corporate IP legal needs.
Bao is much more then a patent attorney, he is an integral part of our successful revolutionary technology."
Boyd Bowdish, Ph.D., Director - Cryometrix

"Bao is a creative patent attorney with technical expertise in the area of system engineering and software as pertains to medical device and communications applications." Amir Abolfathi, CEO, Sonitus Medical Inc.

"During my 35 year career I have been involved with developing numerous new products and protecting my work with patents. A colleague introduced me to Bao and recommended him as a seasoned patent attorney. I sent Bao a new invention that I wanted to have patented and was delighted by his performance.
Since then I have used Bao Tran for all of my patent work and have found him to be consistently knowledgeable, prompt, responsive, efficient, and thorough in his work products and his advice - for both US and international patents. His ‘customer support’ is, without exaggeration, extraordinary!"
Duane Durbin, President IOS Technologies, Inc.

"Micro Mobio is a fabless semiconductor company engaged in design of radio IC for wireless communications. We have retained Tran and Associates as our patent agent since Nov 2002. Since then, Mr. Tran has been instrumental in helping Micro Mobio build up its IP portfolio.
Mr. Tran provides us with valuable services in advisory and implementation of IP strategy, including filing and prosecuting patent applications. With a background in electrical engineering and patent laws, he converts the our engineers' invention into patents promptly and cost-effectively. To date, he and his associates have filed numerous patent applications for us, with numerous patents granted from USPTO."
W. Wang, Managing Partner, Micro Mobio, Inc.

"Bao has done an outstanding job drafting, filing and arguing the patentability of my patents. He has also been a valuable resource in finding ways to make money from the invention. His large network of business associates has made it possible for him to introduce the product and concept to potential investors and professionals who are able to take a good idea to its fullest potential. How often do you hear about a patent attorney doing PR for an invention that he filed a patent on? Although PR is not his specialty, the results he achieved were better than I would have expected." Mike Nero, Founder and President, Naturell Inc.

"I engaged Bao for 2 patent apps, Bao was able to draft high quality patent application files within short period with appropriate, sometimes detailed technical description. His work is high quality at very reasonable cost, and Bao has demonstrated both his tech and legal skills to deal with complicated patent issues. I would engage him again for new patent apps." Mike Mu, CEO Softroute Corporation (www.softroute.net)

"Bao is very responsive and gets things done fast. He's good at grasping concepts and generating patent content." Wesley Cheng, VP, ServicePower, Inc.

"When I was at NEC, Bao was contracted to write several of my patents. I had used previous contracted patent attorneys in the past, and Bao set a new gold standard. His skills are phenomenal. Working with Bao has been a pleasure. He was able to push multiple patents through, with low (relative to experiences with other patent attorneys) work on my part - and all with the utmost of integrity. He is able to effectively work with the patent office to help get things done right. One specific story: Bao contacted me because a patent which was filed four years earlier was being processed by the patent office (who of course tried to reject it). He recalled conversations I had had with him years earlier, and correctly described the actual intention of the invention, the details of how it worked, and quickly wrote up a detailed technical response - my job was to approve his response. I was astounded at his ability to recall so much, and to so quickly produce such an accurate document - with so little work on my part. I strongly recommend Bao for all things related to Patent work." Dr. Eric Glover, former Researcher, NEC Research, now Classification Architect of Searchme.com

"It was tough selecting only three of the attributes that best describe Bao. I could have selected all seven. It's a high recommendation with no hesitation!"
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value
Don DeGraff, Owner, D-Meatbarrel BBQ's; From Patent To Profit

"Found Bao and his interest in understanding my individual patent filing needs at a very competitive price for what in retrospect was a pretty complicated set of claims was handled professionally and extremely quickly! I look forward to Bao's equally aggressive support in defending these claims successfully when the USPTO responds."
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time.
Mark Waring, Director, SANYO Technology Center, USA

"Bao is one of the most brilliant people I had the chance to know and work with; and as an IP attorney he's very effective and does everything to help and get you a great outcome. I would recommend Bao to anybody."
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable, Expert.
Akram Benmbarek, Chief Executive Officer at Soovox

"I have used Bao Tran's services for several years to get advice on existing patents of our company and others and to prepare and submit patent applications. Bao Tran has consistently provided a very high level of service with excellent communications and work products."
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value.
Bruce Stenman, President at Lightsmith

"Tran & Associates provides a great service, combining up-to-date legal information, analytical knowledge, with a proactive attitude."
Luis Guell, AutoID Consulting, LLC

"I have engaged the services of many attorneys in my businesses. Mr. Tran is the third patent attorney that I used. I can say I obtained the best service from Mr. Tran in quality and responsiveness.
He is also very knowledgable and gives me clear advise on my patents, trademarks and PCT filings. He is the only attorney that I can recommend to anybody without reservations."
David Yu

"Bao is an excellent patent attorney. He is quick, and yet very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him."
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time
John Jonghoon Kang, Founder and CEO at WhereWhen Corp.
"Tran & Associates provides a great service, combining up-to-date legal information, analytical knowledge, with a proactive attitude."
Luis Güell-AutoID Consulting, LLC