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As a full service Intellectual Property Law Firm, we will handle all your IP needs from start to finish. For clients looking for cost-effective IP solutions, we also offer our lawyer supported (and patented) PowerPatent® creation system:

Provisional Application

A provisional application is a low-cost first patent filing in the United States and does not need a patent claim while allowing "Patent Pending" to be used and lasts 12 months from the date the provisional application is filed.

✔ Prepare your provisional application with our tools.

✔ Govt. filing fees not included

✔ Lawyer Assistance Available for Extra Fees

Utility Application

A Utility application is the broadest protection for inventions andgenerally permits its owner to exclude others from making, using, or selling the invention for 20 years.

✔ Use our advanced system with diagnostics to prepare your utility application.

✔ Govt. filing fees not included

✔ Lawyer Assistance Available for Extra Fees

Design Application

A design aplication protects the visual ornamental characteristics embodied in, or applied to, a product or an article of manufacture.

✔ Prepare your design application with our advanced system.

✔ $9.99/month with a one year subscription

✔ Govt. filing fees not included

✔ Lawyer Assistance Available for Extra Fees


Our trademark practice centers on complete trademark portfolio management and enforcement. Our practice engages in selection and clearance of marks, domestic, foreign and international registration, maintenance of registrations, licensing, franchising, and proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
The firm assists clients in dealing with the evolving rights of owners and users of copyrighted works, particularly as the Copyright Office and Congress attempt to resolve new issues arising from the emergence of digital technologies and e-Commerce.

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What People are Saying

"Fantastic application! ProvisionalBuilder® really does help with the patent application process, and has streamlined the whole process. Thank you very much for the opportunity to use your wonderful product! "

“ProvisionalBuilder® offers intuitive usability to the novice inventor, while the documentation and help videos do a great job explaining the provisional patenting process. We’re proud to have helped guide its entry into the inventor community and...”

"This is what i needed, PowerPatent gives me the best they have. Awesome ..."

“The ProvisionalBuilder® software ran very smoothly. I was impressed with how quickly the images loaded. ProvisionalBuilder® immediately pulled up similar patents, and has an intuitive box and arrow capability for marking descriptions. Nice work on the diagnostic tool, which allows one to preview a document before it is sent to be filed...”

“I used ProvisionalBuilder® to help me prepare the description section of a utility patent. I wish I had this software to file my earlier provisional patent. Unfortunately, I used one of your competitor’s software, which took me twice as long to produce an inferior provisional filing. Not only was ProvisionalBuilder® much better, but the support was easily accessible and far superior to what your competitor off”

“The ProvisionalBuilder® user manual was very well reasoned and expert. The software appears to be well conceived and well executed. I am now completing several prototypes, and will use ProvisionalBuilder® to file patents for these. Since I am a Mac user, and since I believe that Mac OS users currently make up about half of all inventors around the world...”

“Boy, was I wrong! Using ProvisionalBuilder® saves me a lot of time in preparing patent applications, and my applications are equal to or better in quality than the attorney’s version of my application. Even with a light review of the ProvisionalBuilder® final application by an attorney prior to submitting the application, and ...”

“The ProvisionalBuilder® software’s ability to quickly access patent databases and bring up a detailed patent is really helpful to me as an inventor.”

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